Tabs24x7 Private Snapchat


Tabs24x7 photos from her private Snapchat. Tabs is a youtuber from the channel tabs24x7Official which has over 400k subscribers


  1. lol i remember her writing “i had to delete so many pervy comments, it’s disgusting”, now like 2 years later she’s doing this

  2. I cannot wait until these Snapchat filters die out. Fuck they are so weird.
    Take mirror selfies when you have a phone with a front facing cam.
    Have a DSLR tattooed on your thigh but only use iPhone camera.
    Duck face, myspace angles, contrast/brightness cranked.

  3. Holy nearly every picture had some christ-awful snap filter over her face. If I was paying for that shit I’d be outraged.

  4. The title of her movie should be Duck Face The Prequel: Watch terror reign as she makes her way from half to full pucker!!
    I will never understand girls fascination with faking the huge lips. Stop it with that shit. They look so fucking retarded with their mouth half open shoving their lips out like they’re Jessica fucking Rabbit. Its just as stupid as the girls that pump their lips full of shit and walk around looking like they have a pumped pussy on their face.

  5. Yea we know about kiki she is absolutely amazing. she disappeared for a few years then came back. i think she even did a few custom videos

  6. She should just do porn. She’s almost too old to get male attention. Soon, she’ll be working as a janitor somewhere.

  7. Jesus Christ, 27 of her 29 pictures are touched up and have those Snap Chat filters. She looks disgusting regardless, anyway. Her jawline is so fucking photoshopped too. Look at the last picture, you can see the left part of the I Phone curving outward, to make her jawline more angular, which in my opinion makes her look even uglier, not like she was attractive to begin with, anyway


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