Vicky Stark Pink & Blue Lingerie (1 vid)


Vicky Stark pink & blue bikini video. Both of these lingerie are great, quite a few pussy shots
Vicky creates fishing videos on her YouTube channel which has over 100k subscribers


  1. Of course she doesn’t want her payed content out their for people who didn’t pay for it, but she has to know that some stuff will eventually get leaked, it’s the freakin internet.

    As for Patreon, I don’t know how you blame them. People can rip videos in all kinds of ways. Again it’s the nature of the medium. Vicky shouldn’t be deterred from doing nudity from this unless she is completely naive about all of this – which I think she isn’t.

    • Patreon has to know about Yiff – but hasn’t done anything to stop it
      Vicky is making about $12,000 per month from Patreon. That would be hard to give up. Let’s see if there is a drop in $50 Patreon subscribers if it becomes bikini’s only.

  2. All the revealing Lingerie vids are deleted from Vimeo – I guess she knows about this massive leak on a number of sites. I think it will be bikinis only going forward – poor $50 patreons.
    Maybe she can sue Patreon for the flaws that allowed the leak.

    • I don’t get why people in this kind of business complain about “leaks” like that anyway. You’re still making all of the money from your patreon AND you’re getting more exposure by stuff like this being leaked elsewhere. I personally have pledged $50+ to many patreon girls AFTER seeing what they have to offer on this site or others… if people see something they like they’ll be more willing to pay for it. Basically she’s getting *FREE* advertisement.

  3. For Connoisseurs – Orig Size – Better for Big Screens
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  4. I’m just getting caught up on her. She’s seems super cool, I like her. Not a fan of the fake boobs but whatever… She’s doing the tryon thing the right way which makes her even more awesome. She’s not pretending she isn’t making videos for guys to get off on, which is the right mentality to have.

    Now about the whole Vicky vs Kat vs Christina thing… Christina gets a pass from me because at least from the beginning she drew a hard line of no nudity – I (we) don’t like it but it is what it is. Kat on the other hand is a lying dirt bag Canadian whore – It is what it is.

    Vicky is currently, absolutely the Try-on Queen. She’s the new standard. Standard YouTube content, then the goodies for her “real” fans. Someone needs to share Vicky’s content with Christina and Kat.

  5. I like how she covers her nipples, while also showing them, while also doing full frontal pussy shot. That’s just amazing. Can we please have more try-ons like this? And not Kat Wonders bullshit?

  6. This is how it’s supposed to be done… Kat and Christina K you cunt crooks should take notes… she did this with slutty class… we love it 😍 😂😂


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