Vicky Stark Micro Bikini (2 vids)


Vicky Stark micro bikini videos. Most of the bikinis are see through, in the second video she’s wearing just one mesh see through bikini.
Vicky creates fishing videos on her YouTube channel which has over 100k subscribers


  1. Super Star! Just fucking amazingly

    That what we can call Uncensored TRY-on. Not like from Kat galactic scammer and Ugly paki face Khalil both boring high trash

  2. I really liked the other video with the crotchless slingshot piece. I did not expect her to show off just how crotchless it was. She does this shit right.

    • exactly my guy, and this creates competition for kat and Christina to show more of their bodies and by that i mean NO MORE PASTIES

  3. Vicky is the Goat, kat and Christina need to rethink their decisions now that vicky is actually showing what we guys want

  4. Kat and Christina need to just shut their patreons down…

    I really hope they lose people to Vicky…

    Either show a little bit and tease or don’t bother charging people for what you already show for free on YouTube!!


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