Velvet_7 $1500 Patreon


Velvet_7 $1500 Patreon tier pictures. Velvet_7 is a Twitch streamer with close to 100k followers


  1. No way anyone would pay $1,500 to see cleavage and bathing suits a mom would wear. I’m sure Googling Korean girls with big boobies would pull some up who look similar to this girl. And if someone actually did pay $1,500 for these, then the world has become dumber than I imagined..

  2. Women are literal fucking talentless sluts that will do anything for money, Jesus Christ. Imagine raising your daughter and she ends up like this?

  3. I don’t care how much money you have, paying $1500 for this is inexcusable. In most of these you’d see more if she was at the beach

  4. I think that if you pay 64$ in florina patreon you will get definitely hotter stuff than this *****,and she is much hotter if not the hotter model she is married and also momma

  5. I’ve seen some ripoff patreon tiers, but this may be the worst. !500$ for pictures that are not even really implied nude much less full nude. From a girl whos only thing she really has going for her is big boobs, of which you can see pairs just as good and better in there full glory with a simple google search.

  6. I mean, I appreciate these photos. They are definitely hot and I definitely just took a Viagra for some one on one time with myself, but $1,500 is A LOT of money.

    Regardless, thank you for posting!

  7. Rig a pipe bomb to shoot nails into ur heart as you jump off a bridge with a noose around your neck, if you paid $1500 for this.

  8. there are virgin catholic nuns who post riskier pictures on their church summer bbq picnic facebook pages

  9. Dude probably paid, expected titties and nips, didn’t get shit and is pissed about it so now he’s just posting it. Either that or just for the leaks but idk, huge waste of money and the only thing she has going for her are big ass tits, everything else is way below avg.

  10. Imagine being the mad cunt who paid $1500 for this handful of tame bullshit pics, then coming across this website posting it for free. HAHAHAHAHA

      • Are you good bro your probably there in your chair stroking your tiny 0.1 inch foetus dick while imagining licking the burger juice of this slut.


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