Taylor Alesia 2nd Leaked Patreon Set


Taylor Alesia 2nd Leaked Patreon Set. Taylor now has made more Patreon tiers pricing up to $150.

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  1. People really need to stop wasting their time on these girls. The only one worth seeing nude is Natalie Roush and we aren’t even close.. Stop contributing to these money bags… I can see paying for rousch but those like Stark and Khalid and Wonder are a joke and just in it to steal money for their own wealth. I get that it’s the idea of patreon but damn at least show something instead of making people pay for shit that’s in instagram and youtube.. A joke

  2. The people paying for this kind of shit fuck the market up for all of us. Girls start to think they’re better than they are and normal average guys have to settle for 4/10s. Incels are garbage


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