1. It really is her. Same phone case as her in older pictures, same shoes, and same 3 charm necklace.

  2. I fucking hate her and I don’t even know her because my boyfriend googled for videos of her “fapping” omfg I suck at life

    • That wasn’t her it was a porn star that looks like her the video search it up the porn star even said that she wasn’t sssniperwolf

      • Lol stop lying you cuck. Its been proven to be her. Youre an idiot to believe otherwise

        • your a fucking idiot to believe that shit, its just a random fucking pornstar for fuck sake not sssniperwolf

          • She has the same phone case as back then and the same shoes fucking idiot.

    • Your boyfriend would fap to other girls regardless. Don’t make the mistake of getting jealous. He’s not investing emotion into her the way he does to you and he is not comparing you and her. Male sexuality is able to seperate those two things, and the urge is much less mental than it is physical, kind of like peeing to simply it.

  3. This is 100% her. You can look at her old photos, she has the same phone case and necklace. If you are saying this isn’t her you’re a moron.

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