Lena the Plug Leaked Sextape (2 videos)


Lena the Plug Leaked Sextape

Lena said that once she hits one millions subscribers on YouTube she’ll do porn, well she’s kinda already done it

First video:
The 1:39 video features her sucking dick, taking it doggy style with a bit of cum eating at the end while showing her tits and pussy

Unfortunately there’s no sound on this one.

Second video is 16:15 minutes long with a lot of action and nudity!


  1. The 2nd video, who is the girl at the very end.. that isn’t Lena.. but she is gorgeous, does anyone have a name??

  2. How is she gonna do a sex tape at 1 mill when she sells a premium snapchat for 30 dollars a month with the Emily girl she lives with


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