Kat Wonders Patreon (47 pics)


Kat Wonders Patreon photos from the $60 tier and below

Thanks to the person that sent me these!


  1. She is a completely opposite person / personality, then in these videos. She is totally playing a role. She is an excellent actress. Everyone in town thinks she is cuckoo! In person she is a very rude bitch! It’s all about taking you money, she does this while her husband and kids are at work and school. She will get over head in this and then she will disappear

    • Classy? LOL She needs an stylist and a real photographer. Then we’ll talk about class. The girl is wasting her looks and I don’t mean she must go nude. Most of the non nude galleries posted here look pro. This photoshoot? Amateur and ugly.

  2. From what some guys are telling me, her patreon isn’t worth it unless you’re a super fun and want to support her. Otherwise just keep fapping to her YouTube videos.

  3. Actually she does have a nip slip video if someone can get that.

    Don’t know if I can post the link but it’s her june 6 post on patreon. June 19 and 20 also looks promising.

    • Let me get this right, you can see these post but aren’t able to snatch the goods, upload them elsewere and share them here?

      I’m surely not the only one wanting to see the goods. Her exclusive end-of-month videos (june 30th) seem to be interesting.

        • Well I guess I’m just a bit more sceptical then. The way she talked on her live YouNow sessions about why not trying on lingerie (what is the point about it anyway, it’s not like you’re a slut if you show lingerie imho while talking about quality brands lingerie and underwear not whore-like trashy stuff) Therefore quite sure the titles of her posts on patreon don’t cover the actual content, i.e. teasing to get people to upgrade to Galactic $60/month.

          Look at the images on this page, for sure she is cute and has a nice body, but why the hell would you charge for these? Some of them are only visible for Galactic.

          Anyway, of course still curious about her exclusive vids but my expectations are not THAT high.

    • What she calles nip slip is seeing a blurry haze of her areola on a low resolution picture. Nowhere any real nipple in sight (btw who cares anyway)

    • Nope, she doesn’t even do lingerie try ons. Patrons send her items (‘bathing suits’ to try on, which she does for some (no WW microbikini style etc) and this is shown in the $60 exclusive vid. In a live chat she showed a red ‘thong suit’ one piece which should be featured in named vid: You gonna want to see that. Think of a red shiny stretchy fabric and with a quite covered/modest front side, but with very minimal fabric on the back side and a VERY tiny thong style bottom part.

      Is it still possible to recall a pledge on patreon?

  4. Why does it have to be revealing. She’s a very attractive person, smart and seems to have an outrageously great personality. I think she is a real character at all times, not a fake. Bet she is always on……love to meet her! Wish I had more lady friends like her!

    • no your right she is gorgeous and smart and has a great personality …and that why we / I want to see her naked …because she is not your regular bimbo slut type. love when a smart girl who is hot wants to get naked.
      she is a master at teasing tho. damn

  5. She might have a good body, but her patreon content is shit and a ripoff. Its the same type of shit on her Instagram

  6. if i pay 60 bucks for a photo set it would need to be a custom photo set wearing what i tell you to wear if anything


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