Kat Wonders Galactic Exclusive Video December (1 Video)


Kat Wonders Galactic Exclusive Video December. This is the December exclusive Kat Wonders Patreon video.


  1. Why do people always talk about it being a rip off? Why do you think we are here and not patreon. Save us the space for real comments and stop commenting your dumb ideas that normal people can see within 4 seconds.

  2. You need to post all of the Vicky Stark vids that she has been putting out. She shows Kat and Christina Khalil, and Ally Hardesty how its supposed to be done.

  3. Please don’t post her anymore. What is the point of paying $60 a month for stuff that can be posted on yt.She’s not doing anything risque or even worthy of 60 a month.

    • i’m done with her. it’s literally bullshit youtube content. i don’t blame the admin. he’s nice enough to post it. it’s not his fault. but kat is a complete waste.

  4. “Galactic Exclusive” it still makes me laugh.. just for real wtf! lmao!
    woman aged while there is an opportunity trying to grip the most high amount of money from epic stupid fanatics.

  5. what a fucking rip off… The poor bastards that pay for this garbage have to be crazy or in love with her cuz I see no other intrigue


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