Kat Wonders 25 Days of Lingerie | DAY 23


Kat Wonders 25 Days of Lingerie | DAY 23 video from her Patreon $150 tier.

Day 23 of 25 of uncensored lingerie. Missed a day? Find the others here – 25 Days of Lingerie


  1. it is good but i thought after the half way point it would only get better. but for some reason again they went back to being disappointing videos again. Hoping that at least 25th day would give us some treats. 😉

  2. Look guys instead of bashing this cunt bitch tease scam artist.. we can learn from her , there’s a bunch of women perverts out there just like us male perverts.. we can do the same thing and charge them for videos on patreon. All we have to do is put on some grey sweatpants strip to our briefs and bam $150 easy 😂😂😂

  3. 😂 On the topic of sexy pizza delivery women…

    There was this hot Hispanic chick who delivered my pizza (in a minivan) one day. I told her I would be out to get it but she insisted that should would bring it to the door. She had on booty shorts and her papa johns work shirt unbuttoned with no bra. When she went to take the pizza out the sliding door she was bending over trying to give a good look. She was super nice and clearly angling for a nice tip for her deliveries – I only gave her $5 – I felt bad. 😐

    That’s my story. And Kat still stinks. Goodnight everyone.

  4. Since she doesnt show much. The least she could do is slide her middle finger over her cunt hole, or maybe just rub it gently with her eyes closed.

      • $55,000 a year to see an average looking woman in her bra………………………………………

        I can’t with these people. Leave your basements. The lady who delivered my pizza was hotter. And wearing less clothes.

        • Dude she is not average, and if your pizza lady is wearing less clothes, she’ll be basically naked. Anyway, i’m hungry for pizza. Whats this pizza ladies number?

          • She is average. Most of you guys are just thirsty af and glorify these basic bitches. To the guys that paid, serves you right to be scammed by this average Jane.


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