Kat Wonders 25 Days of Lingerie | DAY 20


Kat Wonders 25 Days of Lingerie | DAY 20 video from her Patreon $150 tier.

Day 20 of 25 of uncensored lingerie. Missed a day? Find the others here – 25 Days of Lingerie


  1. Did anyone else finger their butthole to this? I did, and i also smelled and licked my finger straight after, lol. It was sooo good

  2. Christina Khalil is doing her live try-on today. Let’s take a poll on who shows more skin; Kat’s Day 21 or Christina’s December Live. 😂

    • That’s not a fair comparison. Although Christina doesn’t show her nips she does way more sexier/dirty girl things than Kat. Even if she is kind of annoying, Christina at least gives you something to jerk off to. Kat on the other hand is nothing but this…

        • I wouldn’t say way hotter it’s almost a toss up between the two. People say Christina is ugly but I don’t see that. Sure she’s not the prettiest bitch in the world but far from ugly. Kat is good looking but I think she’s overrated a bit especially if you remove the makeup.

          As far as bodies go both have great tits (might give Christina a slight edge), both have nice asses (again might give Christina a slight edge). Kat’s overall body might be a bit better tho…

          So yeah, it all comes down to personal preference, but either one doesn’t really stand out from the other to me.

          • I can’t get pass Christina’s rather large nose. I’m judging solely on their looks in their videos. I can care less what both look like without make-up. Yes, Christina has bigger boobs and maybe a better ass but she’s thicker than Kat. I prefer women who are more slender than thick.

          • lol she does have a big nose. But you think she’s thick? Christina is a tiny little thing. Kat is more full body than her that’s why I give her the edge in overall sexiness.

            Kat is like 5’10” with a frame to match she a big bitch 😂

          • Yes right christina’s face = ugly. she has a paki/arab face or whatever. SO NO. God NO just no please no. She need use paper bag like in scary movie 2

  3. I don’t believe in my eyes…she for sure rob their galactic wonder kats…wonder kats leave her and come to vicky stark parteon she is more hottier and show don’t afraid to show nipples and pussy

  4. hope all u wonder kats are enjoying this 150 dollar joke but if u feel yur getting your moneys worth go to pornhub type in beautiful women in lingerie and see what u get for free lol !!

  5. skipped through most of it. boring af. she shows more on her 5$ patreon weekly vids than this.
    fucking joke. Galactic scam bitch lol.

      • Can you imagine white knighting some average looking bitch who doesn’t show anything in her “uncensored” videos…? Then making an embarrassing attempt at jabbing at dudes who are bored of this trollop?

        • Can u imagine complaining every single day about free content or that shes scamming virgins like yourself u cock sucking gay loser, lmao!!!

  6. All these pieces with clips and she never wears stockings. She’s not showing the goods and not even doing the lingerie part right either 🙁

  7. You can clearly see the nipple covers. She’s not bothering to hide it anymore. She’s insanely sexy but unfortunately she’s a con artist. Kinda proves no woman can be trusted, even a sexy Canadian.


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