Kat Wonders 25 Days of Lingerie | DAY 19


Kat Wonders 25 Days of Lingerie | DAY 19 video from her Patreon $150 tier.

Day 19 of 25 of uncensored lingerie. Missed a day? Find the others here – 25 Days of Lingerie


  1. It’s funny how you guys don’t pay any attention at all to the title of the series, to what she said, and the videos that followed.

    the title of the series is “25 Days of Lingerie” for $150.
    She did say that she won’t be wearing pasties nor nude colored panties.
    She said on Day 1 that she would be wearing naughty but nice. She never said anything about trashy.
    She’s clever though to pick sets that actually make it hard to see nipples and vagina.

  2. Guys stop waste and crying your moneys in this chick and christina khalil…the real thing IS VICKY STARK,SHE SHOW FOR 50$ NIPPLES AND PUSSY and she is hottier than this thing…

    • I see nothing special about Khalil. She has a big nose and it’s creepy when she talks to her bf on cam. I don’t want to hear a dude’s voice. If I want to see a hot naked chick, I go to pornhub and it’s free. Not sure why a guy would spend even a dollar to see a naked chick but oh well, it’s your money.

    • agreed!! Vicky stark is 10x better…

      please guys stop wasting your time on Kat and Christina… they are just out to steal money and don’t give two shits about anyone but selves..

  3. Well One of main mottos of her Lingerie days was – “no pasties.. just my body with lingerie..”
    so yes, she is pretty, i like her.. but still its fraud. If she offer something for 150$ and then she did not do it.. its just pure fraud.

    • Only the people who pay $150 have the right to complain, not us. We’ll soon see after the 25 days if her subs were satisfied or not. I’m sure she’ll address it somehow if they’re not just to avoid giving refunds.

  4. I curious if anyone who are actually paying $150 are complaining. You would think she wouldn’t want any of those people get upset. Obviously she wants them to come back next month. I can’t imagine she can prolong this scam too much longer. Then again, there are guys out there who still pay for porn.

  5. I am outraged that one of our models is on this site. Where her motherly good looks used to grace our catalogues, now she’s stooped so low as to show you guys her mom-bod. The world is going to crap.

      • And apparently, so is this content. You guys keep recycling the same response about people being broke and not paying but complaining. Clearly, this middle-aged, mom bodied con artist has taken all you shmucks for a ride. A $150 ride EACH. Btw our catalogue showed more nips than this mom of 3 looking lady.

  6. She is definitely using make up to camouflage her nipples. Come on, that’s so lame. She is hot, but that’s borderline scamming.

  7. Typical… you all want your free shit and more than willing to complain when it doesn’t meet your standards. Sounds like the welfare rats in America. 😂

  8. She is just using MAKE UP to try to hide the NIPPLES to camuflage with her skin tone, she is a cheating bastar, she is not using pasties or it will show some type of reflection on them.

  9. If she’s willing to show her butt why not her pussy? Even if it’s shaved, we just wanna see her pussy crack not her clitoris.

  10. I hope she comes to her senses next time and cancel this series, she doesn’t have to objectify herself like this. You perverts who sit in the basement all day and masturbate and take advantage of these wonderful Christian women should be ashamed of yourselves. I would pay her $500 a month just to keep her away from you scumbags.

    Stay away from her, I’m warning you guys.


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