1. Not that I advocate spending any money on these whores, but Jesus Christ there’s so many other bitches you could spend this money on and get so much more in return.

  2. Not only the guy who paid 700 is “poor”. All people who like ASMR are poor.. like wtf is wrong with you.

    • I like ASMR.. Nothing like Hungry Lips is doing though. ASMR Glow and Gibi are the only people I watch

    • Bro, it’s a huge community. Just because you don’t experience it doesn’t mean there is something wrong with people who do. lmfao

    • Nah those are just her big ass pepperoni nipples ? we’ve seen them before they’re just that big

  3. 700 shekels for this dumb bitch basically crawling like a sick cunt
    i’d spend the money on something else tbh.

  4. 700$ !! jesus christ this internet strippers r making alot of money

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