Clarababylegs January Patreon (5 pics)


The paid for December but sent out in January Clarababylegs Patreon pictures.

No email watermarks this time! Hopefully it’s a thing and we’ll start getting the pictures quicker


  1. let me guess, the Updated post on her patreon has something to do with her email not working right, and that she will send out the pictures as soon as she can?

    In other words you will get the pics in May.

    • Not quite:
      “Hey guys! So Patron Rewards for January are still being sent out! As always I’m doing them one by one by hand so please be patient my loves! Please make sure to check your spam folder for the email as it some times goes there! If you did not receive a photo reward your rewards are in your Patron messages! When I’m all finished sending out rewards I’ll do a last call and I can send rewards to anyone I missed! Love you guys ?”

  2. It’s probably too much to ask for you but, she’s apparently doing feet pics now too for $15, so if you could get a hold of these it would be great.
    Anyway, thanks for posting these ones!

  3. Jesus….I don’t know what she’s charging on Patreon, but those guys that pay for this crap are getting majorly ripped off. Hunny, you get paid a f*&k ton of money to basically play video games and do nothing. The least you can do for these guys is show your t!ts and get naked.

    • She’s is making barely any money off youtube right now. The average 10-15k views she gets probably earns her $50-75 per video, which is barely anything for a youtuber. Most of her money is coming from Patreon, and she will have to show more skin if she wants to keep the money coming.


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