Christina Khalil Stripping (1 Video)


Christina Khalil Stripping. See more of her here.


  1. Guys will pay them for subpar content and they only need to cater to them to keep their horse shit facade of being “classy”. She’s hoeing herself out; pulling her pants down, bending over, trying on bras and panties in live streams, shower videos, camera all in the ass crack… But somehow she thinks showing nipple is going too far?

    I’m not knocking these bitches – hey they found a hustle, but good god… Who are these guys paying monthly to see a chick bend over in panties? I guess if it weren’t for them this place wouldn’t exist, but, fuck!

  2. Honestly, A lot of Christina’s content is a letdown, but this was pretty hot. Sure, it’d be much better if she lost the pasties, especially in paid content, but if you think this video was bad you’re delusional, her ass was hot in those tiny g strings.

  3. Im sick of guys here that don’t like her!…if you guys don’t like her content, well why you comment in first place?, if I don’t like what I see I ignore!


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