Christina Khalil Sexy Schoolgirl


Christina Khalil Sexy Schoolgirl Outfit Video.


  1. shit, shes never has an interesting thing to say and no taste in music whatsoever, just make the videos silent and they get x^100000 times better, but theyll still be a waste of money

  2. The only thing i’ve ever wanked to on this site is Lena the Plug getting creamed in the ass by adam22.

  3. Need to fuck her with a bag on her head. Great body with a very disappointing face. God a hate butterface bitches, such a waste.

  4. So glad i’m one of her patrons. You idiots need to shut tf up. If you dont like her, then fuck off. I happen to think shes hot and well worth the money. I would gladly pay 5k just to sniff her butthole.

  5. This girl has already showed her boobs and ass on earlier videos. She’s NEVER going to show anything more. Quit giving her money & make her actually WORK for her money like the rest of us.

  6. Jesus why are you people so angry at the ones who paid. If they have money, let them do what they want with it.

    Someone should get Ari Dugarte

  7. So much trash in that shit…. I can’t believe that have idiots to PAY REAL MONEY for that type of content!!!
    And more, this girls, looks like idiots too, posing and making this kind of bullshit!!!

  8. You just paid for his steak dinner. Let that sink in. You’re such a goddam loser that you’re paying another Chad’s girl to watch her model outfits. You fuck.


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