Christina Khalil July Livestream


Christina Khalil July 2019 livestream from Patreon


  1. Don’t be cruel with Christina supporters, they are just desperate guys who are ready to waste money in the internet on any half-famous female (because they don’t have enough confidence to meet hot girls in real life), hoping this way she is going to meet them one day and are going to have sex with her , they follow their illusions, and they are happy with that.

  2. Maybe we could agree on only posting something from her the moment she decides to go nude. Just saying, it’s not worth any internet space otherwise.

    • Jews like to earn money but don’t like spending it.. Some Jews are filthy rich, yet they pick a dime from the toilet even after someone has taking a dump and forgot to flush it…

  3. Why would anyone pay money for a bitch to lounge around like this yet show absolutely no nudity or do anything even remotely explicit? There’s literally more bitches built like this on Pornhub that show more and do more than what this bitch has ever done. All it takes is literally a two second search. If anyone disagrees with this you morons deserve to get your money taken, the fuck are you doing paying for thots like this in this day in age?

    • I totally agree with you.. Just wanted to ask you one thing, has your mom uploaded any butt fucking videos on pornhub?.. I am desperately waiting to see your mom shove a dildo in her phat ass..

    • My girlfriend is a Muslim and her name is Christiana, why do you think no jew is named Christiana… There are millions of fucking Jews all around the world.. I bet many of them are named Christiana, to fool goyim like us.. Jews are masters in lying and deception

  4. I wanna fuck this bitch, deep and raw until she groans, cries, howls and squirts in pain mixed with ecstasy. Nonstop doggy and missionary positions.

    • Too bad, you won’t be able to any of that with your tiny 4 inch dick .. You would ejaculate all over your underwear, once she takes her top off.. Basement virgins like you can only talk shit when a girl is not around.. You would die of heart attack once a woman goes nude in front of your incel ass.. I bet you haven’t even kissed a girl in your sad life.. Tell me abt that girl in your high school who you had a crush on and how you choked when she had a conversation with you…

  5. Actual Nazis in the comments. Crawl back to 4chan with your garbage ideology with the other racists and wastes of skin lol

  6. I can’t believe people are still paying for this. Her content gets tamer and tamer. You’d think people would have given up on her and forced her to actually show something to earn her money

  7. Good goys paying money that they don’t have to watch a Jewish princess prance around in underwear. Lmao, white goyim are retarded.

  8. I don’t know abt the video, but these comments are killing me 🤣🤣🤣🤣 fucking hell, I didn’t even watch the video, just read the comments and LMAF

  9. Why does this ugly jew always wear pastries.. Fucking bitch thinks her nipples are made of diamond and are too precious to show.. LMAO. Ugly cunts like her sell for $10 a night in the streets of Tel Aviv…


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