Christina Khalil January Live Try On (1 vid)


Christina Khalil January live try on video


  1. Hi, Admin!
    No news about new stuff about Christina Khalil!?
    She gained 7 milions contacts on YouTube few days ago. Step by step we hope even more nude, starting by see trough without nipple cover or topless with small covers 😊

    • hoper gonna hope…
      nude is not about her especially if the low-lifer wankers are still paying for this trash stuff aka censored try-on for $$$ no sense change anything.

      !because everything is very OK the pipeline is running idiots still arrive!

      • Lol 😂 It was a very good starting strategy. First: became someone and not “a naked girl”. Then create the desire to see her even more and more sexy. She’s not yet nude, but very near sometime. She cannot continue on this road for ever or paying fans will reduct, I presume.

    • Because she`s no pornstar or webcam girl, simple. but i say less is more, what is wrong with a little bit of teasing?…i love Christina exactly how she is and the matter how she`s do her vídeos.

      • Oh please, you’re splitting hairs looking for a loophole. There are chicks on MFC that show as little as Christina. What makes them cam girls and not her? The fact that they use a “cam site” and not a “fan site” like patreon? She’s trying to get in the pool but keeping one foot out so she can say she never went in cause, look, look, my foot is still out! Im not in, Im just touching the water… with… the rest of my body. As if anyone is going to buy that. That logic might work with 4 year olds but If any future employer saw this (especially her “strip” videos) it wouldnt be any less damning than if she showed her tits. Heck, if ANYONE saw this they’re going to call it like it is. “You are a female and use a webcam (*cough*CAM-GIRL*cough*) to show your body to people for money?! Oh. You only show your ass and its just happens to be there cause you really just want their opinion on a swim suit. Gotacha. Thats totally fine and not sexual in nature at all!” She just needs to accept what shes doing and get nude. She’s already crossed the line and would probably make a lot more money that way.

  2. That’s a scam to get more ppl to join her patreon hoping to see more skin only to find out next videos she went back to nipple cover piece of shit.

  3. vicky stark – it’s really stuff for real men
    khalil/kate – stuff for trash whiteknights(hope, hope never dies)

    • I like Vicky’s hustle but I’m just not into her. Those fake boobs especially don’t do it for me. If Christina matched her content then that would be perfection for me, but I see where you’re coming from.

        • Yeah, Kat soured a lot of people with her garbage last month. I don’t even bother checking for her stuff anymore. She can kick rocks completely.

        • Kat is like a forbidden fruit, and she surely knows it.
          But she’s obviously willing to go for nudity, she just doesn’t wanna do it for a cheap price. I think that someday she might post some nudes for a very high price, and I’ll patiently wait for that day.. in here.. without giving her a penny cause that hoe ain’t having ma moneh.

  4. God damn she’s sexy especially when she doesn’t hit the gym in a while – she has that little bit of extra juice. Yeah, I don’t mind her not doing nudity but she could at least show her breasts more with the pasties. I know people hate it, but I’ll take it.

    • Agreed, this is the best one she’s done since her first couple. But she definitely needs to start popping those titties out pasties or not and I’ll definitely consider subbing to her again.


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