Bella Rose ASMR JOI


Bella Rose ASMR JOI video from her Patreon. Bella is from the Youtube channel Bella Rose [ASMR, Vlogs] which has 45k subscribers

Also shows her nipples at 2:09



  1. Shes been using the “finals” excuse for a while and charged people $20 for this, took it down and then announced more tiers after it. She’s produced no content consistently and got upset it got leaked. I really liked supporting her, but on the first, she’s gonna have charged people $40 for one post that was up for mere hours then taken down.

    • Get more what? As a JOI this is terrible. You don’t know how to tease and your dirty talk is laughable. You’ve got an ok body that’s pretty much where the positives end.

  2. cause I drink a lot of water and actually work out unlike you fuckers that sit and watch copyrighted content all day errday. leave me alone


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