1. Goldglove is a fucking moron breaking up with her. He treated Ally like total shit anyway you could see how much of a asshole he was to her like that time they were playing Dayz together and Brennan got pissed off that he died in a video game blaming Ally for it. She took off a few times and left their apartment because of how much of a assclown he was. Then after they break up Brennan goes to Twitch Con and starts filming FemSteph there like some obsessed moron. Even before he got with her he was filming her there it was pretty obvious he had a crush on the ugly bitch. Ever since he’s been with Steph he don’t treat her like shit like he did Ally. He was rude and disrespectful to Ally anyone who watched his stream could see that. I can’t believe he didn’t lose half his viewers when he broke up with Ally. Guess Ally had way more respect for him to not tell everything that happened, but some of us that have been viewers for years already know that brennan gets drunk and becomes a fucking bitch.

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