AftynRose ASMR Bikini Try On (1 vid)


AftynRose ASMR bikini try on video from her Patreon


  1. I prefer chubby girls. Also wigs are silly and ASMR videos are kinda lame. Having said that, SWEET JESUS HOT FUCKING GOD!!!!! This girl is like a sweet and sexy and cute and FUCKING HOT. Her body is perfect for bikinisand swimsuits. The black one with white flowers and the pink one look great on her but the strapless blue was amazing.

  2. I’m gonna have to call it bullshit on the wigs, although, despite the wigs and despite no nudity( :c ) i really needed this, i can tell with the Patreon vids that she’s giving into this camwhore shit, i promise, we will have what we all desire hahah


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