Kat Wonders 25 DAYS OF MICRO BIKINIS | Day 8

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  1. VirginHunter is some sort of insecure goober. It’s like some weird type of performance art. He’s clearly 12. Definitely never felt a tit in his entire life. Yet here we are… he’s willing to die on this hill. She’s a 5, at best. Granted, to a small town virgin she’s a strong 7, so I can see maybe that’s where his bizarre hostility comes from? Who knows.

    • Dont go rating girls when we all know irl an average slut wouldnt even let you sniff the steam of her shit, you basement dwelling sack of shit. Lmao!!!

  2. VirginHunter, you’re kinda like a white knight and a nice guy rolled into one. Are you hoping that by using juvenile insults while defending her will one day allow you to get her attention and earn her grace for her to face in your face?

    • I call things as I see it, and all i see are comments from desperate virgins complaining everyday because she isnt showing enough skin, lol. Like seriously, is your sex life so abysmal that you gotta bitch and moan because you aint seeing purple nurples or her fleshy cavern? lmao!!!

  3. Let me get this straight… you’re calling people virgins… for making fun of this woman, who has never shown nudity… ? While you’re desperately defending her… ? Someone in here is most definitely a virgin and it’s probably the person desperately seeking attention from someone who doesn’t even show tits.

    • I’m not defending her, i’m just sick of virgins complaining about free content. Who gives a fuck if shes scamming people or whatever. I mean, if you wanna feel sorry for desperate virgins paying money to see her prance around in bikinis, then go for it, aint no skin of my nutsack, but why moan everyday about it like a little bitch, lmao!!

  4. No point in repeating myself that this is low tier, so guys, go check out r/gonewild on reddit. Just type in gonewild on google. I want to share my finds with you

    • Aww you poor desperate virgin. I’m so sorry she wont show enough for you to squeeze your hog over. Lmao!!!

    • Dude stfu. All your shitty comments are the same. Maybe you just cant get male footballers out of your head, you fag.

  5. Oh this is a good one. Not $150 good, but very good. Really appreciate whoever paid for this tier and is sharing these videos.


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