1. Somebody’s mad Thot hunter was talking about their mommy Kat Wonders and Vicky Stark. Lol poor baby 🍼 your mommy is a teasing slut bucket, hunter is right.

  2. Yes you are an Idiot “What an Idiot” Get off my dick and tell yo bitch to come here Faggot.. you worried about what I’m saying and how I’m spelling words you fucking clown haha 😂 hey get you some pussy all these hoes are are whores we a never meet so who cares fuck boy.. they should do a 18+ for these sites so you little kids can stay in a child’s place.. haha 😂 you Sissy ass nigga!!

  3. We have the pesky ‘VirginHunter’ in these videos for Kat Wonders. When is ‘VirginHunter Hunter’ coming? Also he called me a virgin, which hurt my feelings😢

    • Indeed you are. Do you know who the virgins are? They’re the ones doing all the complaining because Kat isnt showing enough skin for them to fap over. Pathetic!

    • And yet, you’ll probably settle down and have kids with a woman built like a brick shithouse. Stfu, lol

  4. Look at this guy thothunter. Hurdurrrrrr i fucking hate her she trash.

    And he likes Vicky Stark, which he cant even spell right. Which is probably just about the fakest person out there….

  5. Trash bag bitch! Pussy and tits are probably fucking ugly anyhow.. feel sorry for you suckers that paid this cunt bitch for this soft porn bullshit she does for her patreon. 😂 This cunt whore should be banned from all sites and just stick to YouTube.. We love Vicky Starks anyway

    • Dude, Kat wouldnt even let you inhale the steam of her shit let alone Vicky Stark, lol. Go wash your cum socks.


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