ClaraBabyLegs October Patreon (5 pics)

ClaraBabyLegs October Patreon Photoset. Clara has 130,000 followers on Twitch and also goes by the name ItsBabyLegs on YouTube








        • Well she sends them out on the 5th of each month then depending on how many patreons she has it could take a few days to get the email. I hope she’ll show them off but I doubt it

          • She waits to send them until the 5th!? Well we better hope that it’s worth the wait

    • She did at the end of her hate comment video for everyone… The hard paying people don’t get that type of treatment 😉

  1. So, do they put users e-mail in the pic to prevent them from distributing the pics, or do you do it, and then remove it for some odd reason? lol (thinking it’s the former)

      • She would be smart to put them in different locations for each person on the same picture. Evidently, not.

      • You know you can use a program called “Inpaint” to easily remove those email watermarks. It’s really simple works very well.

        • Thanks for the suggestion, I gave it a try but it makes the picture seem smudged probably due to the different colors and blur where the watermark is

  2. I could fix those pictures to look better without those zoomed in lines if you want

    • Thanks for the offer but it’s got my personal email address on there and I don’t want it getting out, sorry

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