ClaraBabyLegs November Patreon (5 pics)

ClaraBabyLegs November Patreon Rewards



Had to leave part of the email watermark in this picture otherwise it would ruin her ass


I wasn’t even going to include these two. They’re out of focus and the email watermark was a pain to edit out but decided to just shove a sensor bar over it





    • $2,500+ a month for a set of amateur, non-nude and barely any skin (might aswell to lingerie, bikini or something more risque) for that matter, you can get similar stuff on her youtube/twitter. Thanks to OP anyway for sharing.

  1. Are people really paying 20 dollars for this shit. Like what the fuck is wrong with people. Horrible quality, poor lighting, bad edits, she has no idea how to show off her body, fucking wrapping paper on the ways. I mean If she’s making money at least pay a really photographer to make her look good. She ripping people off with this bullshit.

    • She might aswell do porn or take nude pictures. Look at her youtube channel, it is dying and she is already trying to show as much skin as possible.

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