1. First up close easy to see nip slip. I hate her cam show since it is non-nude slapping her flat ass and only showing feets to camera. Who fucking love feet? You guys have strange fetish about feet if that’s all you care about. So far, haven’t seen true nude other then this one since it is clear and easy to see so 10/10

  2. I dont understand why she is so popular on that cam site she legit doesnt show anything and all she does is spank her flat non existent ass.

  3. Turned into a proper slut. Absolutely love it. I’m glad she got rid of the terrible pasties

  4. Ahhh Internet phases. Can’t wait for this one to be over lol. First it was zoe burger then celes now Clara. Wonder who is next.

  5. she makes me so wet i like to eat my boogers while i jack off my cawk to her and lick my left anus nut

  6. why not post all her fapping vids? or is it because so many have been posted on pornhub ?

    • I’ll get around to posting them. I’ve been away for the past two weeks and I’ve only just started catching up on everything

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