Clarababylegs February Patreon (4 pics)

The paid for in January but sent out in February Clarababylegs Patreon pictures

Before you guys start complaining about the quality of the images let me explain. Clara is now using a program called Visual Watermark that has added hundreds of tiny watermarks all over the pictures which can only seen when zoomed in, those are the white lines you see. As far as I’m aware bluring the whole picture is going to be the best fix for the time being



  1. Advertises never seen pictures in costume she will never wear anywhere else….

    Streams in one of the photoshoot costumes….

  2. Like anon said:

    Make a fake email and subscribe, then post them unedited. Then unsubscribe and make a new fake email and subscribe

  3. Shit! Clara said she caught someone sharing the photos! Admin, I hope it wasn’t you that she caught.

  4. Just post them unedited, cancel the sub with that email and use a new one next month

  5. The last one is on her twitter that’s kinda shitty charging people for free pics she post on different social media

  6. Do you have her feet pictures from Patreon? I realize it’s not everyone’s thing, but I think some people (myself included) would be interested.

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